Here are the major research projects I am presently working on.

  • The TechCast Project ( pools the knowledge of 100 experts worldwide to forecast breakthroughs in all fields of technology. I call it “A Virtual Think Tank Tracking the Technology Revolution.” The U.S. National Academies cited TechCast as possibly the best forecasting system in the world, and a Google search for “technology forecasts” ranks it No. 2 out of 45 million hits.
  • The Institute for Knowledge & Innovation   In 2002, I formed this Institute along with Professor Michael Stankosky from our School of Engineering. The institute conducts research on knowledge and innovation and provides consulting services.
  • Corporations in Transition Study    This is an ongoing effort to assess the use of progressive management practices among corporate managers in the US, Europe, and Japan. Results from an initial sample of 540 managers are published in THE NEW MANAGEMENT (Berrett-Koehler, 1998)
  • Mesasuring Organizational Intelligence    With support from the National Science Foundation, I’ve defined the cognitive structure and behavior of intelligent organizations, guided by the close parallels with human intelligence. Studies are underway to develop a methodology for measuring “organizational IQ,” much as we measure human IQ.
  • Corporate Community   Before the concept of stakeholders became prominent, I developed a model that defines the corporation as a socioeconomic system in which collaboration among employees, customers, suppliers, local government, and other stakeholders can improve benefits to all groups, including profit. This work lead to my paper, “Beyond the Profit-Motive,” which won a Mitchell Prize of $10,000. We now hope to create an online model of this system for use by managers, scholars, and students.
  • WORLD 2000 Project  I founded this project for the World Future Society, which brings together authorities in all fields to sketch out the emerging global system. WORLD 2000 was nominated by Price Waterhouse as a candidate for the Smithsonian award for innovative use of information technology.